Recent research has highlighted the presence and role of airborne bacteria in the atmosphere. They influence environmental factors as well as affect human health, and have become a topic of biotechnology. In search of their applicability, the research looks at understanding metabolic activity in clouds, ways to improve air quality we in-and exhale, dealing with airborne pathogens as well as medical vaccines. In order to apply this knowledge we need to discuss which applications we feel desirable.
In an emerging tableau vivant, the question arises, how do we get alienated by surrounding airborne substances exchanging with them, but also how do we get alienated by our own mindset? For this, it is necessary to ask questions examining our emotional levels as well as our physical condition in contact with these supposedly emerging technologies. Consequently, we need to create a language to communicate ourselves in between a certain objectivity of sciences and new technologies and the subjectivity and myths in our everyday life.

In November 2019, we will run two workshops on the subject of air, which is currently being conceptualised together with Clemens Winkler.


Diffusor tests
Diffusor tests by Clemens Winkler