FUV book publication

About the book

Changes such as climate change or the loss of biodiversity make it clear to us that we have to change our routines of action fundamentally. The challenge of these transformation processes lies in overcoming comfort zones in the face of uncertainty for the individual as well as for communities and established organizational structures.
The complexity of scientific knowledge also implies a major task. Information has to be compared, processed, made accessible and linked to everyday reality over and over again in order to be able to jointly negotiate our ideas for the future on this basis.

What do we as a society actually need to talk about?
How can we join forces and act together?

Within the project “Farming the Uncanny Valley”, we used an artistic approach to develop methods to build bridges between academic knowledge and everyday experiences to question our own actions and thinking. Situational experiences form the common basis for learning experiences, self-reflection and exchange.

This book shows our practical experiences and methodical approaches resulting from dealing with the field of bioeconomy.